Shanghai to Hangzhou High-Speed Trains

The 196 km high-speed railway links two major cities in China, Shanghai and Hangzhou. 156 high-speed trains and bullet trains run from Shanghai to Hangzhou between 01:05AM and 10:25PM every day. The duration is around 1 hour and the ticket prices are USD16 to USD39. The fastest train G4833 with a maximum speed of 300 km/h finishs the journey in 45 minutes.

There are three major railway stations in Shanghai: Shanghai Hongqiao, Shanghai South, Shanghai Railway Station, and two major railway stations in Hangzhou: Hangzhou East, Hangzhou Railway Station. Most high speed trains and bullet trains depart from Shanghai Hongqiao and arrive at Hangzhou East Railway Station.

Book bullet trains and high speed trains from Shanghai to Hangzhou for your holiday or business travel in China. You can check live train timetables, schedules, distance, ticket costs, seat's availability and make the booking online.

Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station, bullet trains, high speed trains Shanghai to Hangzhou

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Timetable of 156 High-Speed Trains

Train No. Departure Arrival Duration
G4913 01:05,Shanghai Hongqiao 01:50,Hangzhou Dong (East) 0H45M
G4927 01:10,Shanghai Hongqiao 01:55,Hangzhou Dong (East) 0H45M
G4985 03:05,Shanghai Hongqiao 03:50,Hangzhou Dong (East) 0H45M
G4937 03:32,Shanghai Hongqiao 04:17,Hangzhou Dong (East) 0H45M
G4831 05:16,Shanghai Hongqiao 06:01,Hangzhou Dong (East) 0H45M
G4833 05:22,Shanghai Hongqiao 06:07,Hangzhou Dong (East) 0H45M
G7541 24:00,Shanghai Hongqiao 24:00,Hangzhou Dong (East) 99H59M
G1321 06:11,Shanghai Hongqiao 06:57,Hangzhou Dong (East) 0H46M
G7331 06:17,Shanghai Hongqiao 07:16,Hangzhou Dong (East) 0H59M
G7333 06:29,Shanghai Hongqiao 07:21,Hangzhou Dong (East) 0H52M
D3145 06:40,Shanghai Hongqiao 07:41,Hangzhou Dong (East) 1H1M
G1383 06:45,Shanghai Hongqiao 07:46,Hangzhou Dong (East) 1H1M
G7501 06:50,Shanghai Hongqiao 07:56,Hangzhou Dong (East) 1H6M
G1651 06:55,Shanghai Hongqiao 08:00,Hangzhou Dong (East) 1H5M
D379 07:02,Shanghai Hongqiao 08:08,Hangzhou Dong (East) 1H6M
G7543 07:07,Shanghai Hongqiao 08:04,Hangzhou Dong (East) 0H57M
G2365 07:12,Shanghai Hongqiao 08:18,Hangzhou Dong (East) 1H6M
G1371 07:22,Shanghai Hongqiao 08:23,Hangzhou Dong (East) 1H1M
G7395 07:27,Shanghai Hongqiao 08:33,Hangzhou 1H6M
G1341 24:00,Shanghai Hongqiao 24:00,Hangzhou Dong (East) 99H59M
G4741 07:32,Shanghai Hongqiao 08:31,Hangzhou Dong (East) 0H59M
D3131 07:37,Shanghai Hongqiao 08:38,Hangzhou Dong (East) 1H1M
D2287 07:46,Shanghai Hongqiao 09:07,Hangzhou Dong (East) 1H21M
G1631 07:54,Shanghai Hongqiao 08:49,Hangzhou Dong (East) 0H55M
G85 08:00,Shanghai Hongqiao 08:45,Hangzhou Dong (East) 0H45M
G7503 08:04,Shanghai Hongqiao 08:57,Hangzhou Dong (East) 0H53M
G7317 08:05,Shanghai 09:46,Hangzhou Dong (East) 1H41M
G7549 08:10,Shanghai Hongqiao 09:12,Hangzhou Dong (East) 1H2M
G1653 08:15,Shanghai Hongqiao 09:01,Hangzhou Dong (East) 0H46M
D3201 08:20,Shanghai Hongqiao 09:28,Hangzhou Dong (East) 1H8M
G1337 08:25,Shanghai Hongqiao 09:24,Hangzhou Dong (East) 0H59M
G7325 08:30,Shanghai Hongqiao 09:58,Hangzhou Dong (East) 1H28M
G1509 24:00,Shanghai Hongqiao 24:00,Hangzhou Dong (East) 99H59M
D3125 08:49,Shanghai Hongqiao 10:09,Hangzhou Dong (East) 1H20M
G1373 08:55,Shanghai Hongqiao 09:42,Hangzhou Dong (East) 0H47M
G7505 09:00,Shanghai Hongqiao 09:54,Hangzhou Dong (East) 0H54M
D2285 09:05,Shanghai Hongqiao 10:18,Hangzhou Dong (East) 1H13M
G7349 09:10,Shanghai Hongqiao 10:04,Hangzhou Dong (East) 0H54M
G7581 09:16,Shanghai Hongqiao 10:32,Hangzhou Dong (East) 1H16M
G1655 09:23,Shanghai Hongqiao 10:23,Hangzhou Dong (East) 1H0M
G1377 09:28,Shanghai Hongqiao 10:27,Hangzhou Dong (East) 0H59M
D3205 09:35,Shanghai Hongqiao 10:36,Hangzhou Dong (East) 1H1M
G7319 09:38,Shanghai 11:02,Hangzhou Dong (East) 1H24M
D3107 09:40,Shanghai Hongqiao 11:22,Hangzhou Dong (East) 1H42M
G7389 09:46,Shanghai Hongqiao 10:40,Hangzhou Dong (East) 0H54M
G1347 09:51,Shanghai Hongqiao 10:50,Hangzhou Dong (East) 0H59M
G7587 09:58,Shanghai Hongqiao 10:54,Hangzhou Dong (East) 0H56M
G1501 10:03,Shanghai Hongqiao 10:58,Hangzhou Dong (East) 0H55M
G7507 10:13,Shanghai Hongqiao 11:06,Hangzhou Dong (East) 0H53M
G1657 10:18,Shanghai Hongqiao 11:18,Hangzhou Dong (East) 1H0M
G4761 10:23,Shanghai Hongqiao 11:26,Hangzhou Dong (East) 1H3M
G1301 24:00,Shanghai Hongqiao 24:00,Hangzhou Dong (East) 99H59M
D2281 10:28,Shanghai Hongqiao 11:31,Hangzhou Dong (East) 1H3M
G7589 10:34,Shanghai Hongqiao 11:41,Hangzhou Dong (East) 1H7M
D3135 10:42,Shanghai Hongqiao 12:12,Hangzhou Dong (East) 1H30M
G1349 10:48,Shanghai Hongqiao 11:48,Hangzhou Dong (East) 1H0M
G7509 10:58,Shanghai Hongqiao 11:58,Hangzhou Dong (East) 1H0M
G7461 11:04,Shanghai Hongqiao 12:20,Hangzhou Dong (East) 1H16M
G7599 11:10,Shanghai Hongqiao 12:03,Hangzhou Dong (East) 0H53M
G1375 11:15,Shanghai Hongqiao 12:07,Hangzhou Dong (East) 0H52M
D2283 11:24,Shanghai Hongqiao 12:25,Hangzhou Dong (East) 1H1M
G7537 11:29,Shanghai Hongqiao 12:30,Hangzhou Dong (East) 1H1M
G7351 11:34,Shanghai Hongqiao 12:49,Hangzhou 1H15M
G1333 11:39,Shanghai Hongqiao 12:39,Hangzhou Dong (East) 1H0M
G7191 11:51,Shanghai Hongqiao 12:47,Hangzhou Dong (East) 0H56M
G1673 11:56,Shanghai Hongqiao 12:59,Hangzhou Dong (East) 1H3M
G7591 12:01,Shanghai Hongqiao 13:04,Hangzhou Dong (East) 1H3M
G7511 12:08,Shanghai Hongqiao 12:55,Hangzhou Dong (East) 0H47M
D3291 12:15,Shanghai Hongqiao 13:16,Hangzhou Dong (East) 1H1M
G1387 12:20,Shanghai Hongqiao 13:21,Hangzhou Dong (East) 1H1M
G4769 12:25,Shanghai Hongqiao 13:25,Hangzhou Dong (East) 1H0M
G1633 24:00,Shanghai Hongqiao 24:00,Hangzhou Dong (East) 99H59M
G7335 12:30,Shanghai Hongqiao 13:29,Hangzhou Dong (East) 0H59M
G1369 12:40,Shanghai Hongqiao 13:40,Hangzhou Dong (East) 1H0M
G7193 12:46,Shanghai Hongqiao 14:06,Hangzhou Dong (East) 1H20M
G7375 12:51,Shanghai Hongqiao 13:54,Hangzhou Dong (East) 1H3M
G1659 12:57,Shanghai Hongqiao 13:50,Hangzhou Dong (East) 0H53M
G7595 13:04,Shanghai Hongqiao 14:10,Hangzhou Dong (East) 1H6M
G1389 13:10,Shanghai Hongqiao 14:02,Hangzhou Dong (East) 0H52M
D3141 13:19,Shanghai Hongqiao 14:21,Hangzhou Dong (East) 1H2M
G1353 24:00,Shanghai Hongqiao 24:00,Hangzhou Dong (East) 99H59M
G7301 13:30,Shanghai Hongqiao 14:31,Hangzhou Dong (East) 1H1M
G1329 13:41,Shanghai Hongqiao 14:40,Hangzhou Dong (East) 0H59M
G1355 13:47,Shanghai Hongqiao 14:46,Hangzhou Dong (East) 0H59M
G7515 14:00,Shanghai Hongqiao 15:02,Hangzhou Dong (East) 1H2M
G7315 14:05,Shanghai Hongqiao 15:08,Hangzhou Dong (East) 1H3M
G99 14:10,Shanghai Hongqiao 14:58,Hangzhou Dong (East) 0H48M
G7539 14:15,Shanghai Hongqiao 15:14,Hangzhou Dong (East) 0H59M
G7575 14:19,Shanghai Hongqiao 15:19,Hangzhou Dong (East) 1H0M
G7347 14:25,Shanghai Hongqiao 15:25,Hangzhou Dong (East) 1H0M
G1635 14:35,Shanghai Hongqiao 15:36,Hangzhou Dong (East) 1H1M
G7583 14:40,Shanghai Hongqiao 15:40,Hangzhou Dong (East) 1H0M
D381 14:45,Shanghai Hongqiao 16:16,Hangzhou Dong (East) 1H31M
G41 14:51,Shanghai Hongqiao 15:48,Hangzhou Dong (East) 0H57M
G7517 14:56,Shanghai Hongqiao 15:44,Hangzhou Dong (East) 0H48M
G1357 15:01,Shanghai Hongqiao 15:54,Hangzhou Dong (East) 0H53M
D3101 15:08,Shanghai Hongqiao 16:27,Hangzhou Dong (East) 1H19M
G1637 15:13,Shanghai Hongqiao 16:22,Hangzhou Dong (East) 1H9M
G1305 15:25,Shanghai Hongqiao 16:12,Hangzhou Dong (East) 0H47M
G7337 15:32,Shanghai Hongqiao 16:32,Hangzhou Dong (East) 1H0M
G1359 15:37,Shanghai Hongqiao 16:36,Hangzhou Dong (East) 0H59M
G7545 15:47,Shanghai Hongqiao 16:47,Hangzhou Dong (East) 1H0M
G7519 24:00,Shanghai Hongqiao 24:00,Hangzhou Dong (East) 99H59M
G4933 15:52,Shanghai Hongqiao 16:51,Hangzhou Dong (East) 0H59M
D3103 15:57,Shanghai Hongqiao 16:58,Hangzhou Dong (East) 1H1M
G7365 16:07,Shanghai Hongqiao 17:03,Hangzhou Dong (East) 0H56M
G7571 16:12,Shanghai Hongqiao 17:12,Hangzhou Dong (East) 1H0M
G7321 16:17,Shanghai Hongqiao 17:16,Hangzhou Dong (East) 0H59M
G7303 16:22,Shanghai Hongqiao 17:32,Hangzhou Dong (East) 1H10M
G1583 16:32,Shanghai Hongqiao 17:27,Hangzhou Dong (East) 0H55M
G1361 16:42,Shanghai Hongqiao 17:41,Hangzhou Dong (East) 0H59M
G7521 16:47,Shanghai Hongqiao 17:53,Hangzhou Dong (East) 1H6M
G1385 17:00,Shanghai Hongqiao 17:59,Hangzhou Dong (East) 0H59M
G7563 17:04,Shanghai Hongqiao 18:06,Hangzhou Dong (East) 1H2M
G1363 17:09,Shanghai Hongqiao 18:19,Hangzhou Dong (East) 1H10M
G7585 17:14,Shanghai Hongqiao 18:14,Hangzhou Dong (East) 1H0M
G1639 17:22,Shanghai Hongqiao 18:29,Hangzhou Dong (East) 1H7M
G7305 17:27,Shanghai Hongqiao 18:33,Hangzhou Dong (East) 1H6M
G7385 17:32,Shanghai Hongqiao 18:42,Hangzhou Dong (East) 1H10M
G1365 24:00,Shanghai Hongqiao 24:00,Hangzhou Dong (East) 99H59M
G1393 17:45,Shanghai Hongqiao 18:46,Hangzhou Dong (East) 1H1M
G7359 17:51,Shanghai 19:31,Hangzhou 1H40M
G7367 17:53,Shanghai Hongqiao 19:03,Hangzhou Dong (East) 1H10M
G7525 17:58,Shanghai Hongqiao 18:58,Hangzhou Dong (East) 1H0M
G7307 18:07,Shanghai Hongqiao 19:11,Hangzhou Dong (East) 1H4M
G7371 18:13,Shanghai Hongqiao 19:07,Hangzhou Dong (East) 0H54M
G7391 18:18,Shanghai Hongqiao 19:39,Hangzhou 1H21M
G1395 18:28,Shanghai Hongqiao 19:28,Hangzhou Dong (East) 1H0M
G7339 18:35,Shanghai Hongqiao 19:35,Hangzhou Dong (East) 1H0M
G1689 24:00,Shanghai Hongqiao 24:00,Hangzhou Dong (East) 99H59M
G7309 18:48,Shanghai Hongqiao 19:40,Hangzhou Dong (East) 0H52M
G1227 18:56,Shanghai Hongqiao 19:51,Hangzhou Dong (East) 0H55M
G7535 19:01,Shanghai Hongqiao 19:55,Hangzhou Dong (East) 0H54M
D3323 19:06,Shanghai Hongqiao 20:02,Hangzhou Dong (East) 0H56M
G4911 19:11,Shanghai Hongqiao 20:06,Hangzhou Dong (East) 0H55M
G7381 24:00,Shanghai Hongqiao 24:00,Hangzhou Dong (East) 99H59M
G7561 19:16,Shanghai Hongqiao 20:10,Hangzhou Dong (East) 0H54M
G1865 19:21,Shanghai Hongqiao 20:26,Hangzhou Dong (East) 1H5M
G7557 19:28,Shanghai Hongqiao 20:32,Hangzhou Dong (East) 1H4M
G7491 19:33,Shanghai Hongqiao 20:21,Hangzhou Dong (East) 0H48M
D905 19:37,Shanghai 21:08,Hangzhou Dong (East) 1H31M
G4905 19:41,Shanghai Hongqiao 20:41,Hangzhou Dong (East) 1H0M
G7551 24:00,Shanghai Hongqiao 24:00,Hangzhou Dong (East) 99H59M
G43 19:47,Shanghai Hongqiao 20:47,Hangzhou Dong (East) 1H0M
D941 19:55,Shanghai Hongqiao 20:53,Hangzhou Dong (East) 0H58M
D931 20:00,Shanghai Hongqiao 20:58,Hangzhou Dong (East) 0H58M
D935 20:05,Shanghai Hongqiao 21:03,Hangzhou Dong (East) 0H58M
G7527 20:21,Shanghai Hongqiao 21:22,Hangzhou Dong (East) 1H1M
G7529 20:35,Shanghai Hongqiao 21:42,Hangzhou Dong (East) 1H7M
G7383 20:44,Shanghai Hongqiao 21:51,Hangzhou Dong (East) 1H7M
G4987 21:05,Shanghai Hongqiao 22:08,Hangzhou Dong (East) 1H3M
G7555 24:00,Shanghai Hongqiao 24:00,Hangzhou Dong (East) 99H59M
G7553 21:11,Shanghai Hongqiao 22:03,Hangzhou Dong (East) 0H52M
G7355 21:30,Shanghai Hongqiao 22:28,Hangzhou 0H58M
G4895 22:05,Shanghai Hongqiao 22:50,Hangzhou Dong (East) 0H45M
G4885 22:25,Shanghai Hongqiao 23:10,Hangzhou Dong (East) 0H45M

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