Beijing To Tianjin High-Speed Trains

The 110 km high-speed railway links two major cities in China, Beijing and Tianjin. 157 high-speed trains and bullet trains run from Beijing To Tianjin 06:02AM - 10:46pm The duration is around 35 minutes and the ticket prices are USD13 to USD32. The fastest train G2201 with a maximum speed of 250 km/h finishs the journey in 30 minutes.

There are six railway stations in Beijing: Beijing South, Beijing West, Beijing North, Beijing Qinghe, Beijing Chaoyang, Beijing Railway Station, and three railway stations in Tianjin: Tianjin Railway Station, Tianjin West Railway Station,Tianjin South Railway Station, Most bullet trains depart from Beijing South and arrive at Tianjin Railway Station.

Book bullet trains and high speed trains from Beijing to Tianjin for your holiday or business travel in China. You can check live train timetables, schedules, distance, ticket costs, seat's availability and make the booking online.

Beijing South Railway Station, bullet trains, high speed trains to Tianjin

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Timetable of 157 High-Speed Trains

Train No. Departure Arrival Duration
C2551 06:02,Beijing Nan (South) 06:32,Tianjin 0H30M
C2553 06:07,Beijing Nan (South) 06:37,Tianjin 0H30M
C2201 06:22,Beijing Nan (South) 06:59,Tianjin 0H37M
C2555 06:48,Beijing Nan (South) 07:18,Tianjin 0H30M
C2005 06:53,Beijing Nan (South) 07:23,Tianjin 0H30M
C2007 06:58,Beijing Nan (South) 07:28,Tianjin 0H30M
G5 07:00,Beijing Nan (South) 07:31,Tianjin Nan(South) 0H31M
G471 07:04,Beijing Nan (South) 07:38,Tianjin Nan(South) 0H34M
G261 07:08,Beijing Nan (South) 07:42,Tianjin Nan(South) 0H34M
C2557 07:10,Beijing Nan (South) 07:47,Tianjin 0H37M
G57 07:15,Beijing Nan (South) 07:49,Tianjin Nan(South) 0H34M
G105 07:20,Beijing Nan (South) 07:54,Tianjin Nan(South) 0H34M
G481 07:25,Beijing Nan (South) 07:59,Tianjin Nan(South) 0H34M
G177 07:30,Beijing Nan (South) 08:04,Tianjin Nan(South) 0H34M
C2011 07:32,Beijing Nan (South) 08:02,Tianjin 0H30M
G383 07:35,Beijing Nan (South) 08:17,Tianjin Xi(West) 0H42M
C2605 07:37,Beijing Nan (South) 08:09,Tianjin Xi(West) 0H32M
C2203 07:43,Beijing Nan (South) 08:20,Tianjin 0H37M
G143 07:50,Beijing Nan (South) 08:24,Tianjin Nan(South) 0H34M
G381 07:55,Beijing Nan (South) 08:40,Tianjin 0H45M
G219 08:00,Beijing Nan (South) 08:35,Tianjin 0H35M
C2559 08:10,Beijing Nan (South) 08:40,Tianjin 0H30M
C2015 08:25,Beijing Nan (South) 08:55,Tianjin 0H30M
C2561 08:42,Beijing Nan (South) 09:12,Tianjin 0H30M
C2019 08:47,Beijing Nan (South) 09:17,Tianjin 0H30M
C2205 08:52,Beijing Nan (South) 09:29,Tianjin 0H37M
C2563 09:04,Beijing Nan (South) 09:34,Tianjin 0H30M
G395 09:05,Beijing Nan (South) 09:47,Tianjin Xi(West) 0H42M
G115 09:20,Beijing Nan (South) 09:55,Tianjin Nan(South) 0H35M
C2021 09:23,Beijing Nan (South) 09:53,Tianjin 0H30M
G117 09:25,Beijing Nan (South) 09:59,Tianjin Nan(South) 0H34M
C2023 09:28,Beijing Nan (South) 09:58,Tianjin 0H30M
C2565 09:36,Beijing Nan (South) 10:06,Tianjin 0H30M
G33 09:40,Beijing Nan (South) 10:14,Tianjin Nan(South) 0H34M
C2567 09:46,Beijing Nan (South) 10:16,Tianjin 0H30M
D41 09:50,Beijing 10:32,undefined 0H42M
G8911 09:50,Beijing Nan (South) 10:27,Tianjin Xi(West) 0H37M
C2207 09:51,Beijing Nan (South) 10:28,Tianjin 0H37M
C2031 10:13,Beijing Nan (South) 10:43,Tianjin 0H30M
C2033 10:18,Beijing Nan (South) 10:48,Tianjin 0H30M
C2613 10:23,Beijing Nan (South) 10:55,Tianjin Xi(West) 0H32M
C2569 10:29,Beijing Nan (South) 11:06,Tianjin 0H37M
G301 10:30,Beijing Nan (South) 11:12,Tianjin Nan(South) 0H42M
C2571 10:39,Beijing Nan (South) 11:16,Tianjin 0H37M
G181 10:40,Beijing Nan (South) 11:16,Tianjin Nan(South) 0H36M
G163 10:45,Beijing Nan (South) 11:21,Tianjin Nan(South) 0H36M
G393 10:50,Beijing Nan (South) 11:25,Tianjin Xi(West) 0H35M
C2615 10:51,Beijing Nan (South) 11:23,Tianjin Xi(West) 0H32M
C2211 10:56,Beijing Nan (South) 11:33,Tianjin 0H37M
C2035 11:08,Beijing Nan (South) 11:38,Tianjin 0H30M
G125 11:10,Beijing Nan (South) 11:44,Tianjin Nan(South) 0H34M
C2037 11:21,Beijing Nan (South) 11:51,Tianjin 0H30M
C2617 11:26,Beijing Nan (South) 11:58,Tianjin Xi(West) 0H32M
G473 11:35,Beijing Nan (South) 12:16,Tianjin Nan(South) 0H41M
C2573 11:40,Beijing Nan (South) 12:10,Tianjin 0H30M
C2041 11:45,Beijing Nan (South) 12:15,Tianjin 0H30M
G9 12:00,Beijing Nan (South) 12:31,Tianjin Nan(South) 0H31M
C2043 12:02,Beijing Nan (South) 12:32,Tianjin 0H30M
G325 12:05,Beijing Nan (South) 12:39,Tianjin Nan(South) 0H34M
C2215 12:10,Beijing Nan (South) 12:47,Tianjin 0H37M
G129 12:10,Beijing Nan (South) 12:44,Tianjin Nan(South) 0H34M
G497 12:15,Beijing Nan (South) 12:50,Tianjin Xi(West) 0H35M
C2619 12:26,Beijing Nan (South) 12:58,Tianjin Xi(West) 0H32M
G303 12:30,Beijing Nan (South) 13:11,Tianjin Nan(South) 0H41M
G187 12:40,Beijing Nan (South) 13:16,Tianjin Nan(South) 0H36M
C2045 12:40,Beijing Nan (South) 13:10,Tianjin 0H30M
G167 12:45,Beijing Nan (South) 13:21,Tianjin Nan(South) 0H36M
C2047 12:45,Beijing Nan (South) 13:15,Tianjin 0H30M
C2577 12:50,Beijing Nan (South) 13:27,Tianjin 0H37M
G133 12:50,Beijing Nan (South) 13:25,Tianjin Nan(South) 0H35M
G23 13:00,Beijing Nan (South) 13:31,Tianjin Nan(South) 0H31M
C2621 13:10,Beijing Nan (South) 13:42,Tianjin Xi(West) 0H32M
C2049 13:17,Beijing Nan (South) 13:47,Tianjin 0H30M
C2051 13:22,Beijing Nan (South) 13:52,Tianjin 0H30M
C2623 13:41,Beijing Nan (South) 14:13,Tianjin Xi(West) 0H32M
C2579 13:47,Beijing Nan (South) 14:24,Tianjin 0H37M
G397 13:50,Beijing Nan (South) 14:37,Tianjin 0H47M
C2053 14:02,Beijing Nan (South) 14:32,Tianjin 0H30M
C2625 14:07,Beijing Nan (South) 14:39,Tianjin Xi(West) 0H32M
C2055 14:17,Beijing Nan (South) 14:47,Tianjin 0H30M
C2627 14:22,Beijing Nan (South) 14:54,Tianjin Xi(West) 0H32M
G193 14:40,Beijing Nan (South) 15:23,Tianjin Nan(South) 0H43M
C2057 14:42,Beijing Nan (South) 15:12,Tianjin 0H30M
C2581 14:51,Beijing Nan (South) 15:21,Tianjin 0H30M
C2061 14:56,Beijing Nan (South) 15:26,Tianjin 0H30M
C2063 15:03,Beijing Nan (South) 15:33,Tianjin 0H30M
C2065 15:08,Beijing Nan (South) 15:38,Tianjin 0H30M
C2235 15:13,Beijing Nan (South) 15:50,Tianjin 0H37M
G161 15:15,Beijing Nan (South) 15:49,Tianjin Nan(South) 0H34M
G399 15:20,Beijing Nan (South) 15:55,Tianjin Xi(West) 0H35M
C2069 15:25,Beijing Nan (South) 15:55,Tianjin 0H30M
C2631 15:30,Beijing Nan (South) 16:02,Tianjin Xi(West) 0H32M
C2629 15:35,Beijing Nan (South) 16:07,Tianjin Xi(West) 0H32M
G379 15:40,Beijing Nan (South) 16:15,Tianjin Xi(West) 0H35M
C2221 15:43,Beijing Nan (South) 16:20,Tianjin 0H37M
G147 15:50,Beijing Nan (South) 16:24,Tianjin Nan(South) 0H34M
C2071 16:00,Beijing Nan (South) 16:30,Tianjin 0H30M
G37 16:05,Beijing Nan (South) 16:39,Tianjin Nan(South) 0H34M
C2633 16:05,Beijing Nan (South) 16:37,Tianjin Xi(West) 0H32M
C2635 16:10,Beijing Nan (South) 16:42,Tianjin Xi(West) 0H32M
C2583 16:17,Beijing Nan (South) 16:54,Tianjin 0H37M
C2585 16:32,Beijing Nan (South) 17:09,Tianjin 0H37M
C2637 16:49,Beijing Nan (South) 17:21,Tianjin Xi(West) 0H32M
G197 16:50,Beijing Nan (South) 17:24,Tianjin Nan(South) 0H34M
C2073 17:10,Beijing Nan (South) 17:40,Tianjin 0H30M
C2587 17:15,Beijing Nan (South) 17:45,Tianjin 0H30M
C2077 17:20,Beijing Nan (South) 17:50,Tianjin 0H30M
G199 17:21,Beijing Nan (South) 17:55,Tianjin Nan(South) 0H34M
C2639 17:31,Beijing Nan (South) 18:03,Tianjin Xi(West) 0H32M
G267 17:31,Beijing Nan (South) 18:05,Tianjin Nan(South) 0H34M
C2227 17:37,Beijing Nan (South) 18:14,Tianjin 0H37M
C2641 17:49,Beijing Nan (South) 18:24,Tianjin Xi(West) 0H35M
G2085 17:51,Beijing Nan (South) 18:44,Tianjin Nan(South) 0H53M
C2079 18:00,Beijing Nan (South) 18:30,Tianjin 0H30M
G15 18:00,Beijing Nan (South) 18:31,Tianjin Nan(South) 0H31M
C2589 18:05,Beijing Nan (South) 18:42,Tianjin 0H37M
G201 18:05,Beijing Nan (South) 18:40,Tianjin Nan(South) 0H35M
D3 18:14,Beijing 18:58,undefined 0H44M
G1567 18:15,Beijing Nan (South) 18:49,Tianjin Nan(South) 0H34M
C2081 18:17,Beijing Nan (South) 18:47,Tianjin 0H30M
G8917 18:20,Beijing Nan (South) 19:14,Tianjin Xi(West) 0H54M
C2083 18:22,Beijing Nan (South) 18:52,Tianjin 0H30M
C2643 18:27,Beijing Nan (South) 18:59,Tianjin Xi(West) 0H32M
G331 18:30,Beijing Nan (South) 19:04,Tianjin Nan(South) 0H34M
G203 18:35,Beijing Nan (South) 19:09,Tianjin Nan(South) 0H34M
C2647 18:49,Beijing Nan (South) 19:21,Tianjin Xi(West) 0H32M
C2649 18:54,Beijing Nan (South) 19:33,Tianjin Xi(West) 0H39M
C2591 19:07,Beijing Nan (South) 19:37,Tianjin 0H30M
G269 19:15,Beijing Nan (South) 19:49,Tianjin Nan(South) 0H34M
C2231 19:22,Beijing Nan (South) 20:00,Tianjin 0H38M
D707 19:36,Beijing Nan (South) 20:43,Tianjin Xi(West) 1H7M
C2087 19:37,Beijing Nan (South) 20:07,Tianjin 0H30M
C2593 19:51,Beijing Nan (South) 20:21,Tianjin 0H30M
G333 19:55,Beijing Nan (South) 20:36,Tianjin Nan(South) 0H41M
C2089 19:56,Beijing Nan (South) 20:26,Tianjin 0H30M
C2091 20:06,Beijing Nan (South) 20:36,Tianjin 0H30M
C2233 20:11,Beijing Nan (South) 20:48,Tianjin 0H37M
C2651 20:23,Beijing Nan (South) 20:55,Tianjin Xi(West) 0H32M
C2653 20:28,Beijing Nan (South) 21:00,Tianjin Xi(West) 0H32M
G8923 20:31,Beijing Nan (South) 21:13,Tianjin Xi(West) 0H42M
C2655 20:33,Beijing Nan (South) 21:05,Tianjin Xi(West) 0H32M
C2093 20:50,Beijing Nan (South) 21:20,Tianjin 0H30M
G337 21:00,Beijing Nan (South) 21:41,Tianjin Nan(South) 0H41M
C2657 21:10,Beijing Nan (South) 21:42,Tianjin Xi(West) 0H32M
G8919 21:20,Beijing Nan (South) 21:55,Tianjin Xi(West) 0H35M
C2671 21:22,Beijing Nan (South) 21:54,Tianjin Xi(West) 0H32M
C2595 21:27,Beijing Nan (South) 22:04,Tianjin 0H37M
C2597 21:39,Beijing Nan (South) 22:09,Tianjin 0H30M
C2103 21:44,Beijing Nan (South) 22:14,Tianjin 0H30M
C2105 21:49,Beijing Nan (South) 22:19,Tianjin 0H30M
C2107 21:54,Beijing Nan (South) 22:24,Tianjin 0H30M
C2661 22:04,Beijing Nan (South) 22:36,Tianjin Xi(West) 0H32M
G8901 22:10,Beijing Nan (South) 22:45,Tianjin Xi(West) 0H35M
C2109 22:20,Beijing Nan (South) 22:50,Tianjin 0H30M
C2111 22:26,Beijing Nan (South) 22:56,Tianjin 0H30M
C2113 22:31,Beijing Nan (South) 23:01,Tianjin 0H30M
C2669 22:46,Beijing Nan (South) 23:18,Tianjin Xi(West) 0H32M

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