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Luggage Service at Beijing Daxing Airport(PKX)

Beijing Daxing International Airport(PKX) luggage services are included left luggage, baggage inquiry, baggage wrapping, luggage tracking, luggage delivery, lost & found

Luggage Storage / Left Luggage

Providing passengers with short and medium time Left-Luggage service from 1 day to 90 days, the luggage can be placed in the shelves or independent cabinet. Cooperate with the terminal to provide free check service for 144 hours transit visa free passengers.

Service location

One is in the vicinity of Jingdong counter in the east of domestic arrival hall on the second floor.

One is in the tail of Island H in the east of departure hall on the fourth floor.

Service time

The service time of the east domestic arrival hall on the second floor is 24 hours.

The service time of the east departure hall on the fourth floor is from 7:00 am to 22:00 pm.

Service hotline

(86) 10-81688538, 81688539

Left luggage at Beijing Daxing Airport

Baggage wrapping

Luggage packing service mainly refers to package paid service for passengers who carry luggage, including luggage package service and sales of corresponding package materials, such as luggage locks, cartons and luggage packing belts; There are various kinds of packing materials to meet different packing needs. Generally, cartons need to be sealed, soft cases need to be locked, and registered luggage needs to be tied with film, packed correctly, well locked and tied up, so as to withstand pressure during transportation, and to be loaded and unloaded and transported under normal operation. Passengers can decide whether packing is required based on the specific condition of their own luggage.

Service location

B1 floor lobby: 2 places in front of the triple sightseeing elevator on the east and west sides;

Departure hall on the 3rd floor: 2 places to the south of Gate 10 on the east side (next to JD Express), and Gate 9 on the west side(police office)

Departure hall on the 4th floor: 2 places beside Gate 1 on the west side and Gate 6 on the east side.

Service time

The domestic service counter is available from 5:00 am to the end of the night flight

The international service counter is available for 24 hours (or based on the condition of the flight)

Service hotline

(86) 10-81688538, 81688539

baggage wrapping service at Beijing Daxing Airport

Lost & Found

They provide passengers who have lost their belongings in the terminal with 24-hour lost object receiving and returning service.

Locations: Lost and Found Office in the west of the reception hall on the second floor

Hotline: (86)-10-96158

Service time: 24 hours

lost and found service at Beijing Daxing Airport

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