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The 48-kilometer high-speed railway between Beijing West Railway Station and Beijing Daxing International Airport is the most important section of Beijing-Xiong'an Intercity Railway that links the southern urban areas of Beijing with Beijing Daxing International Airport and Xiongan New Area. The designed speed of the section is 250 kph. The high-speed train can finish this jounery around 30 minutes. 5 bullet trains are availalble from 06:56am to 06:50pm.

to Beijing Daxing Airport bullet train from Beijing West Railway Station

Beijing Daxing Airport Railway Station

The line features China's advanced Fuxing bullet trains of eight carriages, which are able to carry 392 passengers in total. and operates 24 trains on a daily basis. The train has also torn down second seats from 3 + 2 to 2 + 2 in a row to make more space for luggage storage. A total of 27 luggage racks, which can hold seven 28-inch suitcases, were installed on the train in line with passengers' travel needs, as well as full coverage of free Wi-Fi. 24 train services will run on a daily basis.

Beijing Daxing Airport intercity-train Seats

Beijing Daxing Airport Bullet train check in

Daxing Airport Railway Station location

B1 floor of terminal

Beijing Daxing Airport railway station map and location

Ticket Fare

Second Class ticket; USD8 per person one way

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Train No. Departure Arrival Duration
C2701 06:56, Beijing Xi (West) 07:26, Beijing Daxing Airport 0H30M
C2703 09:10, Beijing Xi (West) 09:46, Beijing Daxing Airport 0H36M
C2707 11:15, Beijing Xi (West) 11:45, Beijing Daxing Airport 0H30M
C2719 16:40, Beijing Xi (West) 17:16, Beijing Daxing Airport 0H36M
C2721 18:50, Beijing Xi (West) 19:20, Beijing Daxing Airport 0H30M

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