Flights Hangzhou to Zhengzhou

There are 9 direct flights from Hangzhou to Zhengzhou every day. The first flight leaving Hangzhou is at 07:00AM, the last flight is at 08:55PM. This flight route distance is about 841km and the duration is around 1 hour and 45 minutes. These flights are operated at Hangzhou Airport (HGH), and Zhengzhou Airport(CGO).

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Hangzhou Airport, cheap flights Hangzhou to Zhengzhou

Total: 9 Flights, Schedules

Flight No. Depart Arrive Duration
JD5635, Capital Airlines 07:00, HGH, T3 08:55, CGO, T2 1h55m
GJ8781, Loong Air 07:05, HGH, T3 08:55, CGO, T2 1h50m
CZ3746, China Southern Airlines 10:40, HGH, T3 12:30, CGO, T2 1h50m
FM9295, Shanghai Airlines 10:55, HGH 12:50, CGO, T2 1h55m
CZ3840, China Southern Airlines 12:50, HGH, T3 14:35, CGO, T2 1h45m
MF8243, Xiamen Airlines 13:10, HGH, T3 15:05, CGO, T2 1h55m
HU7423, Hainan Airlines 14:10, HGH, T3 15:55, CGO, T2 1h45m
MU9955, China Eastern Airlines 15:10, HGH 17:05, CGO, T2 1h55m
CZ3940, China Southern Airlines 20:55, HGH, T3 22:40, CGO, T2 1h45m