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Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport (IATA: SZX) is located on the east bank of the Pearl River and 32km northwest of the downtown of Shenzhen. It is one modern large-scale international airport that integrates sea, land, air, and rail transport in China. This airport serves as a hub for Shenzhen Airlines.

Shenzhen Bao'an Airport was opened on 12 October 1991. The new terminal building called 'Terminal 3' was openged on Nov 26, 2013. And meanwhile the former Terminals A, B and D were closed.

Shenzhen Baoan Airport can be reached by Metro lin 11, Airport bus 330, and airport bus.

Shenzhen Baoan international Airport, SZX Airport

Terminal 3 covers 451,000 square meters and is divided into three parts: the main terminal building, the cross concourse departure hall, and the satellite concourse. The airport has one 3,800 metres runway and one 3,400 metres runway. Now Shenzhen Baoan International Airport has handled over 120 domestic and international routes, reaching over 90 domestic and foreign cities. It handled 52,293,000 passengers in 2019.

Departures at Shenzhen Baoan international Airport, SZX Airport

[Important]Travel restrictions of COVID-19

All overseas arrivals are required to take a nucleic acid test and being quarantined in designated facilities for 14 days. Travelers are expected to cover the costs of the quarantine.

And China suspended the entry into China by foreign nationals holding valid visas or residence permits since Mar 28 2020. And 144-HOUR VISA-FREE TRANSIT also is unavailable.

But entry with diplomatic, service, courtesy or C visas are not affected. And if you got a new Chinese Visa after Mar 28 2020, you also can enter China.

Effective from 28th September 2020 (12AM), foreign nationals holding valid Chinese residence permits for work, personal matters and reunion are allowed to enter China with no need to apply for new visas. If the above three categories of residence permits held by foreign nationals are expired after 12 a.m of 28 March 2020, the holders may apply for relevant visas by presenting the expired residence permits and relevant materials to the Chinese embassies or consulates on the condition that the purpose of the holders' visit to China remains unchanged.

Location and Map

Address: Bao'an road, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China

Shenzhen Baoan International Airport(SZX) is located 32km northwest of the downtown of Shenzhen, 34km west of Shenzhen North Railway Station, 40km northwest of Luohu Port and Shenzhen Railway Station.

Shenzhen Baoan International Airport map, map of SZX Airport

FAQs of Shenzhen Baoan Airport

1. How far is Shenzhen Baoan Airport from downtown of Shenzhen?

Shenzhen Baoan Airport is located 32km northwest of downtown of Shenzhen

2. How far is Shenzhen Baoan Airport from Shenzhen North Railway Station?

Shenzhen Baoan Airport is located 34km west of Shenzhen North Railway Station.

3. How to get to Shenzhen Baoan Airport by metro, bus or taxi?

Shenzhen Baoan Airport can be reached by metro line 11, taxi, and airport bus 330. Metro is mostly recommended.

4. How many terminals are there at Shenzhen Baoan Airport?

Shenzhen Baoan Airport now has only one terminal in operation: Terminal 3.

5. When do I need to arrive at the airport before the departure?

Allow yourself plenty of time, at least 2 hours to queue up for security checks and boarding.

6. Are there any foods at Shenzhen Baoan Airport?

There are many options foods and restaurants, including Chinese foods, Western foods, Fast foods, Cantonese cuisine, Halal food, noodles, , KFC, McDonald's and Starbucks. Get details

7. Are there any hourly lounges or hotels at Shenzhen Baoan Airport?

There are three hotels of HYATT and some First class/Business lounges. Get details

8. What is and how to get 144-HOUR VISA-FREE TRANSIT at Shenzhen Baoan Airport?

144-HOUR VISA-FREE TRANSIT is a policy that allows citizens from 53 countries who hold valid international travel documents, and a passenger ticket for connecting travel to a third country (region) with confirmed seats and a departure time within 144 hours, to travel in Guangdong Province without a visa for six days. Get details

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