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Shanghai Hongqiao Airport(SHA) Passenger Service

Shanghai Hongqiao Internaional Airport(SHA) passenger service is included enquires, post, bank, medical, foreign Exchange, lost & found, children park, power charger and WIFI

Service Hotline: (+86) 21-96990

Complaints Hotline: (+86) 21-32531090

Shanghai Hongqiao Airport Inquiries Counter, Inquiries at SHA airport

Inquiries Counter

Services: provides incoming and outgoing passengers with guidance, daily flight information, and inquiry for traffic information, business of airline companies, catering and shopping in the airport

Terminal 1

Location: Opposite to Gate 2 of Departures Hall; the reception area of Arrivals Hall

Hours: depends on the flight times

Terminal 2

Location: 3F of Departures Hall; the reception area of Arrivials Hall (1/F)

Hours: depends on the flight times

Left Luggage

Service: Luggage storage of paid service

Terminal 2

Location: Reception area of Arrivals Hall

Hours: 08:00-21:30

Tel: +86-21-22381086

Terminal 1

Location: near Gate 5, Departures Hall

Hours: 07:00 - 20:30

Tel: +86-21-22344553

Shanghai Hongqiao Airport left luggage, SHA airport

Lost & Found

Services: Lost property registration, storage, and claim services for items lost in the terminal. Lost and Found's staff will make every effort to help passengers search their lost items and inform the owners as soon as possible


1. Passengers can pick their lost items up with valid certificates, providing information including the lost property’s name, characteristics, lost date and spot.

2. Owners of lost property can also entrust others to claim lost articles. The person entrusted is required to show an owner entrustment form including names of the lost property and the person entrusted, together with copies of the owners’ valid documents, and their own valid documents and copies. The valid documents referto ID card, passport, military officers’ card and soldiers’ card.

Terminal 1

Tel: +86-21-22344553

Location: near Gate 5, Departures Hall

Hours: 08:00-21:30

Terminal 2

Tel: +86-21-22381086, 22381085

Location: opposite to Gate 1, 1F, Arrivals Hall

Hours: 08:00-21:30

Post Office

The service is unavailable at Hongqiao T1 Terminal.

Terminal 2

SF Express, Air Express: opposite to Gate 7 of Departures Hall

China Post, JD Logistics: opposite to Gate 8 of Departures Hall

YTO Express: opposite to Gate 9 of Departures Hall

Business Center

Services: photocopy, fax, local and long distance phone call, internet service

Terminal 1

Location: In the passageway west to the reception area of Arrivals Hall

Hours: 06:00-23:00

Terminal 2

Location: South to the commercial area on M2 Floor

Hours: 08:00-19:00

Medical Service

Service: Provide medical aid for accidental injury, emergency relief, pre-hospital treatment and transfer for critically ill patients.

Terminal 1

Location: 1. near Gate T01, Restricted Area of International, HK-Macao-Taiwan Departures. 2. near Gate T01, Restricted Area of Domestic Departures

Terminal 2

Location: 1. M2 of Transfer Hall. 2. Floor 1 of Arrivals Hall

Police Station

Service: respond to emergency events, deal with temporary ID card application

Terminal 1

Location: near Gate 3, Arrivals Hall

Tel: +86-21-22344180

Terminal 2

Location: police station in 6F, East Traffic Center, T2

Tel: +86-21-22380990


Terminal 2

Shanghai Pudong Development Bank

Location: Near Gate 3 in the Arrivals Hall

Service Hour: 09:00-17:00

Currency Exchange

Terminal 1

near No.4 Luggage Carousel of the Baggage Claim Area in the International, HK-Macao-Taiwan Arrivals Hall
west of the Reception Area in the Arrivals Hall
near Boarding Gate T11 in the International, HK-Macao-Taiwan Departures
near Boarding Gate T14 in the International, HK-Macao-Taiwan Departures

Shanghai Hongqiao Airport Currency Exchange, SHA airport

Power Charger

Terminal 1

Services: power outlets are available in the waiting area of T1 for all kinds of mobile devices

between the chairs of the waiting area
near the Gate T11 and T13, Restricted Area of International, HK-Macao-Taiwan Departures
near the Island-A, Gate 6, Gate 7, Departures Hall
near the Gate T26, Restricted Area of Domestic Deaprtures

Terminal 2

Location: There are many power outlets and USB sockets in T2, including in the waiting areas at boarding gates

Departures, Arrivals and Transfers

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