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Introducation of Sichuan Airlines

Sichuan Airlines Co. Ltd is restructured on the basis of its predecessor. Sichuan Airlines, which was established on September 19, 1986 and began its operation on July 14, 1988.

The restructure was completed on August 19, 2002. As the holding company, Sichuan Airlines initiated and combined the multiple investment entities into one complex unit with different shares held respectively by: Sichuan Airlines Group, China Southern Airlines Co. Ltd, Shanghai Airlines Corp, Ltd, Shandong Airlines Co. Ltd, and Chengdu Gingko Restaurant Ltd. The corporate business networks have been spread into different regions in various forms of trades and systems of ownership.

All the staff is striving to promote the airline to be amongst the leaders providing quality services. The management has successfully built up a model suitable for its own development, and established a set of effective methods and procedures to guarantee flight safety. It has created a series of service brands of unique characteristics and developed a well-established system of marketing networks, financial and operational management. It has cultivated a group of well-trained, professional dedicated flight crews, maintenance, operational control and management teams. The company has a total of more than 1800 employees, 80% of whom are technical and administrative personnel with a high education background. The corporate headquarters are located very near to Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport, Sichuan Province. The Chongqing Branch Company, the second base, is situated next to the Jianqbei International Airport, Chongqing.

With the present corporate mechanism, Sichuan Airlines Co. Ltd has accomplished substantial Cooperation in various forms with the shareholders, including Code sharing, ticket price control, a frequent flyer program, sales agency system, and transport and marketing Networks. The advanced modern aircraft, the flexible effective marketing strategy and policies and the efficient operational environment have laid a solid foundation for the rapid, steady, sustainable and harmonious development of the company.

The fleet consists of 22 modern aircraft, including A320 series and Emb-145 manufactured by Airbus industries and EMBRAER respectively. The company has opened more than 130 domestic routes that link some 40 cities forming an air transport network with a spread over 200,000 kilometers.

The company has consistently made profits for eight years. As the domestic air transportation market becomes increasingly competitive, it is continuously exploiting new markets and seeking every possibility both inside and outside China. It has entered into partnerships with numerous domestic and international airlines supplying passenger or cargo transportation services that suit all requirements.

Apart from obtaining the economic benefits, the company has been strongly advocating its unique enterprise culture principle of Sincerity, Kindness, Beauty and Love, hoping to improve the environment by cultivating common values on a basis of mutual understanding among the company’s staff, the passengers and the individuals in society.

Branches and Agencies of Sichuan Airlines

The Sichuan Airlnes provide 24-hour flight information and reservation service on 028-88888888 and free call 80086699. Free delivery of tickets between 8am and 6 pm is available, with the proviso that you live within the perimeter of the Second Ring Road.

Rennan Ticketing Office
Address: Number 11 Sector 2 Renmin Nan Lu
Tel: 028-86654858 / 86657163

Jingcheng Ticketing Office
Address: in the Jingcheng Arts Theatre
Tel: 028-86666998 / 86655721

SCAL Airport Ticketing Office
Tel: 028-85205995 / 85205445

Jiu Zhai Gou
Jiu Zhai Paradise Resort
Tel: 0837-7788300 / 7788280

Address: Room 817 Nanyin Mansion Number 2 East Third Ring Road Chaoyang District
Tel: 010-64109278

Airport Ticketing Counter
Tel: 010-64595324 / 64590362

Address: 3rd floor Civil Aviation Express Building, old Baiyun Airport
Tel: 020-86123841 / 86443819

Address: 5th floor Huamao Hotel, Number 2550 Hongqiao Road
Tel: 021-62693381 / 62690190

Ticketing Office
Tel: 021-62808863 / 62810455

Address: Lan’guang Building, Number 58 Zhenhua Road
Tel: 0755-83224588 / 83321443 / 83213450

Airport Ticketing Counter
Tel: 0755-27770082
Airport Cargo Transport
Tel: 0755-27772026

Address: Number 5 Building Yashi Yuan Linya Jiayuan Bingcaogang
Tel: 0812-3552020 / 3551936

Address: Room A1 18rd floor Hua’neng Mansion Number 36 Datong Road
Tel: 0898-66798240 / 66762285

Address: Room 1306 13th floor Daduhui Plaza Number 68 Yuzhong District
Tel: 023-63814795 / 63813022

Ticketing Office
Tel: 023-63816241 / 63707070

Address: Room 801 Building A Yinhai International Apartment Number 612 Beijing Road
Tel: 0871-3121367 / 3122603 / 3122814

Airport Ticketing Counter
Tel: 0871-7114292

Address: Room 513 Guangxi Erqing Mansion Number 31 Jianzheng Road
Tel: 0771-5626777

Address: Number 55 Zunyi Road
Tel: 0851-5977777

Address: Number 207 South Laodong Road
Tel: 029-84205126 / 84271304

Room 304 Junyao Building Station Avenue
Tel: 0577-88098822 / 88377777

Address: Number 118-1 Le Yuan Avenue
Tel: 0531-6123456 / 6041947

Records of Honors & Awards of Sichuan Airlines

Jin Yan Cup, one of the highest awards granted for safe flight operations by CAAC;

National May 1st Labor Medal;

National Outstanding Enterprise Culture Award;

The first airline to introduce the Airbus A320 and A321 aircraft into the Chinese mainland;

The first airline to introduce the Embraer-145 aircraft into the Asia-Pacific area;

The first winner in China of the award of Global Outstanding Operation of A320 granted by Airbus Industries;

The first winner in China of the award of Global Outstanding Operation of Emb-145 granted by EMBRAER;

A special award granted by CAAC to the Airlines of China for safe flight operations;

A service hot line is specifically set up through the telephone number 88888888 purchased with a bid of over two million yuan (RMB);

Winner of the first prize: Passengers’ Favorite Airlines in 2003;

Winner of the first prize from the CAAC “To Prosper in the Blue Sky” program;

An outstanding enterprise in the national “Safety and Health Cup” program;

The winner of Safe Operations Medal granted by the Sichuan Provincial Government for many years in succession;

An outstanding enterprise in the National Women Public Welfare Program sponsored by the All-China Women Development Fund Association;

The first airline in China to successfully initiate and operate the “Air Shuttle Bus between Chengdu and Chongqing”

The first airline in China to introduce a seamless air-ground service package concept;

The Flight Department of the company was honored with the “All-China Civil Aviation Outstanding Team” ;

The Engineering and Maintenance Department responsible for the fleets of A320 and Emb-145 aircraft were nominated as the “All-China Youth Outstanding Team” ;

The Flight Attendants of the Cabin Service Department were entitled with the “All-China March 8th Banner Team” by the All-China Women Association

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