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Introducation of Shanghai Airlines

Established in 1985, Shanghai Airlines Co., Ltd. is the first commercial airline in China. As on October 11th, 2002, Shanghai Airlines officially started to issue shared in Shanghai stock market.
Concentrating on domestic trunk transportation of cargo and passengers, Shanghai Airlines also deals with the business of international and regional air transportation, mail delivery and agent service. With a fleet of 42 aircraft, Shanghai Airlines has inaugurated over 150 domestic, international and regional routes by the end of December, 2005, reaching the main large or medium cities all over the country and 10 international (regional) cities.

For many years, Shanghai Airlines has achieved satisfactory economical and social benefits through its excellent safety records, high-quality service standards and effective operational management. Since 1996 Shanghai Airlines has gained profit in several consecutive years and will continue keep the situation of fast and stable development.

Sticking to the guideline of "safe First, Prevention Primarily", Shanghai makes security the carrier's "legal liability and upmost criterion for professional ethics". Based on ISO9000 standard and regulations of civil aviation, it has established a set of operating manual, which was certified by General Administration of Civil Aviation of China in 1999.

Currently Shanghai Airlines has built up self-monitoring and self-examination mechanism for safety operation and formed a management pattern of "two-level management, three-level network", involving people from executive level to operation post. It has also established several computerized information systems as FOC, QAR, FPS, EDCS, MCS, LTS, ECM etc., which enhanced the reliability and efficiency of the company. Now Shanghai Airlines has kept the safety transportation record of 20 consecutive years since establishment.

In 2004, Shanghai Airlines obtains the IOSA quality certificate of transportation issued by IATA, which becomes the first airlines in China and the 7th airlines obtaining this certificate of the world.
Currently Shanghai Airlines has a fleet of 42 aircraft, including 13 B757-200s, 5 B767-300s, 6 B737-700s, 11 B737-800s, 5 CRJ-200s 1 Hawker-800XP business jet and 1 MD-11 freighter.

Shanghai Airlines follows a market oriented developing strategy. Along with improving routes arrangement and aircraft equipment, it has set up business offices affiliated with ticket offices in 18 cities and more than 2000 ticketing agencies all over the country and will expand the sales network continuously. It takes the lead in providing toll-free reservation service and further perfects its on-line reservation and E-ticket system. Joining the global distribution system as Saber, Galileo, Abacus, Acexx and Infini, Shanghai Airlines obtains the sale service from hundreds of thousands of reservation terminals.

To guarantee high quality, SAL also established close cooperative relationship with domestic and international airlines: it carrys out interlines transportation cooperation with Lufthansa, UAL, ANA, Virgin, EVA Airways and Trans Asia Airways, Besides, it shares code with Air China, China southern Airlines, Shenzhen Airlines and Shandong Airlines respectively on the routes of Shanghai-Beijing, Shanghai-Guangzhou and Shanghai-Shenzhen, which has achieved remarkable success.

Shanghai Airlines Ticketing Offices


Phone No.
Shanghai Lobby 212 Jiangning Rd. (021)62550550
(within Shanghai)
90 South Shanxi Rd. (021)54030954
88 Lanxi Rd. (021)62163557
1465 South Pudong Rd. (021)58319090
422 Tiantong Rd. (Xinya Hotel) (021)63240549
2211 North Sichuan Rd. (021)56665666-2105
35 South Xizhang Rd. (021)63741621
200 People's Grand Avenue (021)63584939
14 South Guangxi Rd. (021)63361666
333 Siping Rd. (021)65215990
1 Tianlin Rd. (021)64838368
1 Dapu Rd. (021)53960602
2100 Gonghexin Rd. (021)56657960
19 West Linjiazhai Rd. (021)63121828
1 Lane 300 Longcao Rd. (021)64515730
Beijing 15 West Chang'an Rd.(Civil Aviation Mansion) (010)66061260
Guangzhou 194 West Huanshi Rd. (North Building Liuhua Hotel) (020)86668800-1248
Xi'an 2 South Laodong Rd. (029)4261630
Guilin 102 Middle Zhongshan Rd. (0773)2827046
Fuzhou 33 North Wuyi Rd. (Provincial Light Industry Mansion) (0591)7503166
Xiamen 116 South Hubin Rd. (0592)2210600
Nanjing 2-10 Ruijin Rd. (025)4499757-101
Kunming 46 East Dongfeng Rd. (0870)3138502
Hangzhou 20 Baoshu Rd. (0571)85119528
Harbin 224 Zhongshan Rd. (0451)2637953
Chengdu 4 Xiaohe Avenue (028)86127000
Haikou 35-5 Nanbao Rd. (0898)66791927
Shenzhen 18 Middle Shangbu Rd. (Inside Scientific Hall) (0755)83241431
Chongqing 9 Shangqingsi Rd. (Attached No. 2 Building Transword Mansion) (023)63628000
Shenyang 11 Shiyiwei Rd. (024)23235858
Wuhan 141 Hankou Macao Rd. (027)82241008-801
Qingdao 35 Donghai Rd. (Pacific Center of Wusi Plaza) (0532)5725519
Sanya 11 Building B Xinfeng Rd. (0898)88265322
Taiyuan 128 Xinjian Rd. (0351)4139910
Vladivostok Airport 41, Portovaya Street, Artyom, pimoraki kray 7(4232)307-700
Phnom Penh No.19 106th Road Phnom Penh 00855-23-723999
Hu Chi Minh City No. 114A Street Nguyen Hue District One 0084-8-8292552
OSAKA OFFICE Tyuuouku Tokuityou 2-3-2, FAITH Building 1F 0081-6-69458666

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