Hangzhou Airport Taxis


Taxi Waiting Spots:
Outside Entrance 5 to the Arrival Hall on the first level, 1,800 taxis operating every day for passenger convenience.

Hangzhou Taxi Fare Scale
Starting price at 10 yuan within the first 3 km, plus one yuan fuel charge; 3 km-10 km, 2 yuan per kilometer; 10 and above, 3 yuan per km. For luxury taxis (typical of Benz models), price starts at 10 yuan for the first 2.5 km; 2.5 km-8 km, 3 yuan per kilometer; beyond 8 km, 5 yuan per kilometer. No additional fees for summit or night times.

Passenger Cautions:
· Keep an eye on luggage and personal effects.
· Pay the price shown on the taximeter, which is non-negotiable.
· Protect your own rights as a passenger by rejecting offers of joint trip.
;· You have the right to refuse to pay if the driver drops you off on the way.
· Do not smoke in the cabin; if the driver smokes while driving, you have the right to refuse to pay the fare.
· Take a receipt for the fare.
· Do not damage or dirty the taxi.