Beijing Capital International Airport Transfer Guides

Telephone number for complaining:010-64561200
The text mainly introduces the procedures that passengers should go through in the No. 2 station building of the airport. There might appear some difference between this text and the practical conditions due to some objective reasons.

1. Which passengers to leave for foreign countries should fill in the customs declaration form?

  • Passengers that have taken overseas cameras, portable recorders, mini photographers, mini video cameras and portable cameras, portable word processes and should taken them back;
  • Passengers that have brought in some articles free of tariff and should taken them out of China ;
  • Passengers holding foreign coins, gold, silver or articles made of them that have no exit permit or surpass the amount the owners declared when entering China;
  • Passengers holding more than 6000 Yuan of cash;
  • Passengers holding cultural relics;
  • Passengers holding cargos or sample of cargoes;
  • Passengers carrying articles beyond the prescription of the customs;
  • Passengers carrying plants, animals and the products made of them that should be examined as regulated by the China Quarantine law;
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    2. Do you know which articles are forbidden to enter China?

  • Articles forbidden to enter China;
  • Varied weapons, simulate weapon, bombers and ammunitions;
  • Fake currencies and valued stocks;
  • Prints, films, cassettes, CD and disks that threaten China's politics, economy, culture and ethnics; Varied drugs; Plants, animals and those made of them with dangerous pests and bacterium.
  • Food, medicine and other articles from epidemic-stricken area;
  • Articles forbidden to exit China
  • Scripts, prints, films, photographs, cassette, tapes, CD and the other articles involved with state secrete;
  • Valuable cultural relic;
  • Rare plants, their seeds and animals.
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    3. How to get temporary identity card?

  • If you lose your identity card, or your identity card is damaged and expired, please take the residential certificate copy or student certificate, or millenarian certificate and one certificate photo to get temporary identity card.
  • Location: Police station at the Security inspection,Room: 220088, telephone:010-64597459
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    4. Do you know some prescriptions on checked baggage?

  • Prescriptions on portable baggage:
  • To take domestic flight, your portable baggage should be less than five kilo and the size of 20*40*50cm
  • To take international flights, your portable baggage should be less than 7 kilo (some airlines have special prescription on the weight) and the size of 20*40*55cm(the total sum of three laterals should be less than 115 cm) The prescription on checked baggage: the first class: 40 kilo. Business class: 30 kilo, economy class: 20kilo.
  • Notice: varied airlines have difference standard, please pay attention to the notice on your tickets.
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    5. Which articles cannot be taken with passengers into flight but can be checked?

    Apart from articles forbidden to taken into flights, other things like kitchen knives, scissors, fruit knives, razors, chopper, carving knives, swords, spears used for performance, and hammers, axes, and the others that can be used to threatens security;
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    6. Which articles cannot be taken with passengers nor be checked for air transportation?

  • Guns, ammunitions;
  • Knives;
  • Articles prone to fire and explosive;
  • Poisonous articles;
  • Erosive articles;
  • Radioactivity articles;
  • Others that can threaten the security;
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    7. Do you know the prescription on liquid articles?

  • Each passenger an bring at the most two bottles of drink (the volume of one bottle should be less than 500 ml), mineral water, tea, milk, yogurt, fruit juice and after being examined, passengers can bring them into flights. All the surplus drink should get checked. Passengers should not bring spirit into flight. Each passenger can take less than two bottles of spirit (one kilo) if he or she really needs it. But the spririt should be checked and the package should be done in accordance to the regulation of the China Civil Aviation;
  • Special reasons for taking liquid, such as sick passengers need to take liquid medicine with them;
  • Baby drink can be taken with passengers after examined.
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    8. Do you know the prescription on the amount of baggage to be taken with passengers into flight?

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    9. If you need to get information on flights, please dial the charging telephone: 962580?

  • If you are unsatisfied with the service quality at the airport, please dial:
  • 010-64571666
  • 010-64595912
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