Beijing Capital International Airport Express Railway Guide

Airport Express RailwayThe Airport Express of the Beijing Subway is a 28.1 kilometres (17.5 mi) light rail line that connects the Beijing Capital International Airport with Beijing's urban center. The express line has only four stops: Dongzhimen and Sanyuanqiao in the city , and Terminal 2 and Terminal 3 of the Capital Airport. The line entered into operation on July 19, 2008. On subway maps, the Airport Line's color is magnolia.


Airport Express Railway Guide

Beijing Capital International Airport transportation map

The Beijing Capital Airport Express Train is run from Dongzhimen Station (at the northeast corner of 2nd Ring Road, Beijing City and connect to Subway #2 Station), and via Sanyuanqiao (where it connects to future Subway #10), and directly get to Airport T3, and T2. After you leave the train, you can directly to go the terminal. There are four big gates at the north exit of the train station: left and right most two are for departure, and the middle two are for arrival.

Running Hours: 06:35 - 23:10
Interval: 15 minutes

Station Locations at Beijing Capital Airport

Terminal 2: B2 of Parking Garage No. 2
Terminal 3: F2 of Parking Garage No. 3

Single Trip: RMB 25/per person

Airport express has 4 stops: Dongzhimen, Sanyuanqiao, T3 and T2

A one-way trip takes approximately 16–20 minutes

Stations First Last Accessible Transfer
T3 06:21 22:51  ---
T2 06:35 23:10  ---
Sanyuanqiao 06:52 23:27 Subway Line 10
Dongzhimen  ---  --- Subway Line 2 and Line 13

Airport Express Railway Sign

The Beijijng Capital Airport Express Railway on Beijing Subway Map


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Beijing Subway Map

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