Beijing Capital International Airport Arrival Guides

Hot line for customer's complaints, organized by Beijing Capital International Airport Management Committee: 010-64561200
This section introduces the procedures for arrival and transfer passengers at Terminal 2 of Beijing Capital International Airport. We expect to provide warm assistance for you upon your arrival. Sorry for any unconformity with the actual situation due to real operation adjustments.

1. How to leave Beijing Capital International Airport?

  • By Airport-City Shuttle Bus:4-hour transportation service for passengers is offered by Shuttle Bus Service Center, which is located at the Terminal Building and Beijing city. RMB 16 / person for single trip is charged.
  • Line A: To Beijing Railway Station (08:00 am - the last night flight)
    Route: Beijing Capital International Airport ¨C Sanyuanqiao ¨C Kunlun Hotel ¨C Dongzhimen ¨C Dongsishitiaoqiao ¨C Chaoyangmenqiao - Beijing Railway Station ¨C International Hotel.
  • Line B: To Gongzhufen (08:00 am - 10:30 pm)
    Route: Beijing Capital International Airport ¨C China International Exhibition Center ¨C Xibahe ¨C Anzhenqiao ¨C Madianqiao ¨C Beitaipingzhuang ¨C Youyi Hotel (Renmin University of China) ¨C Beijing TV Station ¨C Zizhuqiao ¨C Huayuanqiao ¨C Hangtianqiao ¨C Gongzhufen.
  • Line C: To North Wangfujing and Dongsi Art Museum (08:00 am - 10:30 pm)
    Route: Beijing Capital International Airport ¨C Sanyuanqiao ¨C Yuyang Hotel ¨C East Gongti ¨C Dongdaqiao ¨C Chaoyangmen ¨C North Wangfujing (Dongsi Art Museum).
  • By taxi:Charging rate for taxis operated by the airport: RMB 1.6 / km or RMB 2.0 / km;
  • Charging method for taxis charging RMB 1.6 / km or RMB 2.0 / km: RMB 10 within 3km; Additional 50% of single-trip fee shall be charged per km in case the distance is over 15km.
  • By private car:About 4,000 parking spaces are sufficiently provided for you by the 6-storey Parking Lot, with 2 floors above ground and 4 below, in front of the Terminal Building.
  • Charging rate at the Parking Lot:Small car: RMB 6 for the 1st hour, plus RMB 5 per subsequent half an hour;Large car: RMB 10 for the 1st hour, plus RMB 10 per subsequent half an hour.Small car overnight: RMB 76 for the 1st day, plus RMB 50 per subsequent day.Large car overnight: RMB 150 for the 1st day, plus RMB 160 per subsequent day.
  • By Shuttle Bus from Beijing to Tianjin:Pick-up place: Parking Lot opposite to Departure Gate # 13.
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    2. Which passengers to China in urgency can apply for Visa on Arrival?

  • Passengers who are temporarily invited to attend Trade Fair in China;
  • Passengers who are invited to participate in bidding or officially sign trade contracts in China;
  • Passengers who shall inspect export/import merchandise or attend the contract acceptance audit in China as per Agreement;
  • Passengers who are invited to assist equipment installation or urgent repair of the project;
  • Passengers who are invited to deal with claim issues in China;
  • Passengers who are invited to provide scientific and technical consultation in China;
  • Passengers who are temporarily supplemented or replaced, approved by China party, after the visa for their delegation / team on invitation to China was ready;
  • Passengers who visit critical patient or handle funeral affairs;
  • Passengers for direct transit who cannot leave China via original flight or other alternative vehicles within 24 hours due to force majeure;
  • Passengers who are invited to China but do not have enough time to apply for visa at local organization of China, with letters certifying the approval by designated authority for applying for visa at the port;
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    3. Which items are forbidden for entry by the People's Republic of China?

    I According to Notice on Inspection and Quarantine for Immigration to China, the following items are prohibited for entry:
  • Human's blood and its products;
  • Fruits, capsicum, eggplant and tomato;
  • Animal corpse and its specimen
  • Soil;
  • Animal pathogen, destructive insect and other harmful organism;
  • Alive animal (except pet dog or cat) and animal's genetic material, including semen, fertilized egg and embryo, etc.;
  • Egg, pelt, bristle, coffin bone, horn, meat (including viscera) and their products; fresh milk, cheese, butter, cream, whey mist, silkworm chrysalis, silkworm egg, animal's blood and their products; aquatic animal products;
  • Transgene biological material;
  • Worn-out clothes.

  • II According to applicable provisions issued by China Customs, the following items are prohibited for entry:

  • All kinds of weapons, imitative weapons, ammunition and explosive objects;
  • Spurious currency and feigned marketable securities;
  • Print, film, photo, disk, movie, tape, videotape, videodisc, laser disk, computer storage medium and other objects, which are harmful to Chinese politics, economy, culture and morality;
  • Various acrid poison;
  • Opium, morphine, diamorphine, bhang, as well as other dope and psychoactive drug that may cause addiction;
  • Animal, plant and their products, with dangerous germ, destructive insect and other harmful organism;
  • Foodstuff, medicine or other objects, which are from epidemic areas and harmful to human and animal's health, or other pestiferous ones.
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    4. Which items are permitted for entry but must be declared for quarantine?

  • Seed, nursery stock and other progenitive materials, tobacco, cereal and beans (The quarantine inspection and approval procedures must be handled prior to immigration);
  • Fresh flower, cut flower and dried flower;
  • Vegetal samples, exhibits and specimen;
  • Dried fruits,dried vegetables,preserved vegetables and frozen vegetables;
  • Bamboo,rattan,willow,grass and wood products;
  • Pets,including dog and cat, etc. (Each passenger is allowed to carry one pet,with Hydrophobia Immunity Certificate and Quarantine Certificate issued by the departing country or local Quarantine Authority.The pet must be isolated 30 days for quarantine purpose at the place designated by China Inspection and Quarantine Authority after its immigration.)
  • Human's blood and its products, microorganism, human's tissue and biological products, which are specially required for import.
  • If the above-mentioned items are carried with you, please contact China Inspection and Quarantine Authority on your own initiative for declaration and have them inspected.

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    5. Which incoming passengers need to fill in the Customs Declaration?

  • Passengers who carry Level 2 and Level 3 items (except liquor or tobacco within the duty-free quantity limit) indicated in Classification Chart of Passenger's Baggage and Objects for Immigration and Emigration, which should be taxed by China Customs or are duty free within the quantity limit;
  • Non-resident passengers as well as resident passengers having Re-Entry Visa of destination country (district), who carry more than one camera, portable radio / recorder, miniature camera, portable video camera or portable word processor each, in their personal belongings necessary for journey;
  • Passengers who carry RMB cash over 6,000 Yuan, or passengers who carry gold or silver and its products over 50g;
  • Non-resident passengers who carry cash of foreign currency over the sum equivalent to USD 5,000;
  • Resident passengers who carry cash of foreign currency over the sum equivalent to USD 5,000;
  • Passengers who carry cargo or samples of goods, or passengers whose carried articles exceed the range of their personal belongings for self-use;
  • Passengers who carry animals, plants and their products, which are controlled under China Quarantine Code, or other objects that must be inspected and Customs cleared.
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